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The impact of distracted driving is more than an inconvenience

Distracted driving in North Carolina is an issue that many people do not realize the seriousness of until they are in a motor vehicle collision. Texting, surfing the internet, playing games and engaging in other distractions while in the driver’s seat is dangerous and a leading cause of deaths on the roads. 

Drivers are vulnerable to distractions. Some factors make certain groups of motorists more susceptible to them than others. Here are a few facts about distracted driving all motorists should keep in mind. 

Civil lawsuits may apply in drunk driving accident cases

Drunk drivers are hazards to themselves, their passengers and others who must be on the roads with them. In North Carolina too many individuals are hurt and killed each year when drunk drivers cause dangerous and preventable accidents. A driver who causes an accident due to intoxication may be arrested for their conduct, but they may also face a civil lawsuit if their victims choose to sue them.

Criminal cases based on drunk driving accidents are brought by public attorneys who prosecute the breaking of criminal laws. The penalties that apply in these cases may be punitive, such as fines and periods of incarceration. Civil cases, however, are based on the negligent or reckless conduct of the drunk drivers and the losses their victims sustained due to their involvement in the crashes.

Help in North Carolina for victims of motor vehicle accidents

The law firm of Downer, Walters & Mitchener is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and represents victims of motor vehicle accidents. Motor vehicle accidents can happen in many different ways and victims deserve to get the support of legal representatives who understand how different crashes can require different legal strategies.

For example, distracted driving accidents can occur between the private drivers of cars and trucks or between private drivers and commercial drivers. Distracted driving crashes are often governed by facts that can help victims demonstrate the negligence of the responsible drivers. Distracted driving can happen when drivers use their cellphones, look at maps or eat while behind the wheels of their cars.

Car accidents can occur due to many different circumstances

Car accidents are unfortunately common. Most North Carolina residents have been involved in vehicle collisions either as drivers or passengers and most likely emerged from their ordeals with minimal injuries. Sadly, other car accidents are incredibly serious and may cause life-threatening injuries and even deaths. The causes of car accidents stem from several different types of events.

One major cause of car accidents is the failure of drivers to give their attention to the road. Accidents from this category occur when drivers are distracted while behind the wheel or too tired to stay awake while driving. Drivers who allow exhaustion and distraction to take their attention away from driving are negligent and may be held accountable for the harm they cause to others.

Three-vehicle crash injures 4 in North Carolina

Many Charlotte residents packed up their cars and drove to the homes of family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving with the people they love. While most encountered heavy traffic and frustrating delays, an unfortunate few were involved in serious motor vehicle accidents on the roads of the state. Over the weekend, several vehicles were involved in a serious crash that left four people hurt.

The accident happened in the early afternoon on NC Highway 49 in Mount Pleasant. A driver traveling in the eastbound lane lost control of their vehicle and began to turn sideways. As the vehicle was losing control, another car attempted to stop to avoid a collision but ended up hitting the sideways car. The second vehicle to become involved in the situation then cross over the center line of the highway and caused a collision with a third vehicle that was traveling in the westbound direction.

How common are car-crash deaths in North Carolina?

Motor vehicle crashes do not always result in deaths. However, when death is a result of a traffic crash, it is important to examine the circumstances surrounding the accident to determine whether negligence was a factor in the crash and resulting fatality.

If someone dies in a traffic crash through no fault of their own, her or his family may be able to seek compensation. In North Carolina, traffic fatalities have been on the rise in recent years.

Protect your rights after an injury-causing vehicle accident

A minor motor vehicle accident can be a major drain on a person's time and energy. From filing insurance and police reports to having their vehicle assessed for repairs, a North Carolina resident may find that they have to take time off from work, miss family commitments, and reorganize their life just to set their lives back on the right course. These inconveniences, though, are nothing compared to the traumas that accident victims can suffer when they are subjected to extreme physical harm in their crashes.

Serious vehicle accident injuries can include but are not limited to spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, broken bones, organ damage, cuts, abrasions, and other forms of harm. The bodily damage that a victim may suffer may force them to spend weeks in the hospital and months in treatment to recover the full use of their bodies. For some accident victims, complete recoveries are impossible and they are left with life-long impairments to their health.

The serious effects of alcohol on the human body

Social drinking with friends and family can be a common event for North Carolina residents. But, any amount of alcohol in a person's body can cause significant side effects. For example, an alcoholic drink can have a fast impact on the person's mood and behavior. It may exacerbate a bad mood and cause aggressive behavior, or it may strengthen a good mood and cause a person to ignore risks and possible dangers.

Alcohol can impact a person's coordination and ability to move as well. It can slow a person's reflexes and response time, damage the central nervous system of the body and cause numbness in the person's appendages.

Liability when kids are victims of pedestrian accidents

Keeping children safe is the highest priority of any parent. There are, however, certain situations that can be disastrous such as car accidents involving pedestrian kids. In these types of accidents, it's crucial that the party responsible be held liable for any damage done.

For example, many Charlotte drivers may be familiar with the reduced speed limits that exist near schools, community centers, and other places where children frequent. To some, it may seem odd that on an otherwise moderate-speed road that the limit drops significantly once a school comes into view. The reduced speed limits in these areas are intended to put drivers on notice that children may be present and to give them time to take in their surroundings to avoid collisions with youths.

What is the best thing we can give our children as they are learning to drive? Experience!

What is the best thing we can give our children as they are learning to drive?  Experience!  Teens are 12 times more likely to get in an accident in the 1st month of driving than after a year of experience and motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among 15-20 year olds.  How do we help our children get this needed experience?  Teen Driver Training!

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