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Fatal truck crashes continue to rise with no solution in sight

Drowsy and distracted truckers are behind many accidents in North Carolina and across the U.S. In 2017, a total of 4,102 people died in large truck crashes: a 28% increase from 2009. Of the fatalities, 17% were truck occupants whereas 68% were in passenger vehicles, and 14% were pedestrians, bicyclists and other road users. Despite the danger in having 80,000-pound trucks share the road with 3,000-pound cars, efforts to fights it have stalled.

In particular, safety groups are advocating the use of forward crash avoidance and mitigation systems on all heavy trucks. The National Transportation Safety Board has petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to come up with a mandate for their use; in fact, it has done so at least 10 times since the 1990s, but the NHTSA is not budging. According to a written statement, the NHTSA is still studying automatic emergency braking tech, but critics say the agency is over-analyzing things.

Cyclist and pedestrian fatalities soared in 2018

North Carolina residents may have heard that the number of road users killed around the country fell slightly in 2018, but pedestrian and cyclist deaths rose sharply. Data released by the National Highway Traffic Administration reveals that 36,560 people died on the nation's roads in 2018, which represents a 2% decline over grim 2017 figures. However, pedestrian deaths rose by 3% to 6,283 and cyclist fatalities increased by 6% to 857.

The worrying pedestrian and cyclist fatality figures are likely to increase calls for more thorough crash-test standards. Accident survivability tests are currently not as rigorous in the United States as they are in Europe. NHTSA says that it plans to publish a proposed update to its crash-test standards in 2020 that will better determine how vulnerable road users like pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists would fare in an accident. Updates the agency is said to be pushing for include formal ratings for pedestrian detection and emergency braking systems.

Vehicle crashes are a major cause of brain injuries

If you are a football fan, you have no doubt seen a player leave the game with a concussion, and you may think that brain injuries most often occur to athletes.

However, vehicle crashes and falls are the two most common causes of traumatic brain injury, or TBI. The traffic accident need not even be a major crash, just a rear-end collision.

Latest motorcycle accident moves SC death toll over 100 this year

While accidents happen simple because it was an accident, others are caused due to negligence. South Carolina has not had a great year when it comes to the number of motorcycle accident related deaths. A recent crash that happened on a Midlands road became the 102nd death this year involving a motorcyclist or moped driver. The state had only 88 of those same death in the entire year of 2018.

In the most recent accident, the rider of a 2000 Honda motorcycle struck a 2007 Ford Edge at approximately 4:15 p.m. on Sprinkle Avenue in Orangeburg County. While making a left turn, the north bound vehicle was struck by the South bound motorcycle. The rider was not wearing a helmet and was pronounced dead at the scene. Both parties in the vehicle were uninjured. The accident is still under investigation. It remains unknown whether criminal charges, such as drunk or distracted driving, are possible.

Stray bullet strikes bystander after fight in uptown Charlotte

A tragic incident can strike at any moment. This can cause many unsuspecting individuals to suffer grat harm. This can leave them feeling overwhelmed and confused, unsure about what they can do. In some cases legal courses may be available.

A fight broke out in uptown Charlotte near Trade and College streets recently. The suspects began shooting, and a stray bullet struck an innocent man standing nearby. Approximately an hour earlier, a three-alarm fire was reported at a nearby uptown restaurant in a high-rise building. Due to that fire, the occupants of the high-rise had been evacuated, and the streets were very crowded with people.

Girlfriend of NFL player killed while standing on side of I-90

Because of their size and strength, professional athletes, especially football players, often appear to be immortal. Sometimes, this image of immortality extends to their families or girlfriends. When death or serious injury strikes one of these elite people, the reaction can be intense grief mixed with disbelief. These emotions were on the loose recently after the girlfriend of Cleveland Browns player Chris Smith was struck and killed by a car while she was standing on the shoulder of I-90.

Both Smith and the woman were residents of Charlotte, and she had flown to Cleveland to watch her boyfriend perform as a member of the Cleveland Browns. The two were traveling west on I-90 when one of the tires on Smith's Lamborghini suddenly deflated and caused the vehicle to strike the retaining wall. Smith stopped the car, and he and the woman got out to inspect the damage. While the woman was standing on the shoulder of the freeway, she was struck and killed by a Mazda heading west on I-90.

Collision between motorcycle and car kills four

When cars and motorcycles collide, the persons on the motorcycle generally suffer more severe injuries than persons in the car. Occasionally, the truth of this adage can be questioned if the motorcycle driver was driving too fast or was impaired by alcohol or drugs. A car and motorcycle recently collided in west Charlotte, killing the motorcycle operator and three people in the automobile. Police have not yet completed their investigation or issued a definitive statement about the cause of the crash.

According to police who were on the scene, a Hyundai Elantra was traveling east on Wilkerson Boulevard and was attempting to make a U-turn at Fairhaven Street. As the car began its turn, it was struck by a westbound Yamaha motorcycle traveling at what police described as a high rate of speed.

Looking to reduce the statistics for motorcycle deaths

In a scenic state such as North Carolina, riding a motorcycle is a favorite pastime for many people. The problem is that motorcyclists are far more vulnerable to injury or death than occupants of passenger vehicles and trucks.

A recent report by a nonprofit organization shows that motorcycle fatalities decreased in 2017 over the previous year, which is an encouraging sign. Compared to the deaths of passenger car occupants, however, the number is still alarmingly high. Consequently, efforts continue on several fronts to keep the incidents of motorcycle injuries and fatalities down.

Five-vehicle crash kills one, injures another on Hwy. 74

Multi-vehicle accidents can be difficult to sort out. In the space of a few seconds, several vehicles can collide for very different reasons, and determining liability may require a significant post-accident investigation. A recent multi-vehicle accident on Highway in Monroe demonstrates the difficulty of establishing causation and liability.

In this accident, a Range Rover was traveling east on Highway 74 when it crossed the median, hit a semi-tractor trailer truck and a Honda C-RV and flipped over. Two vans also collided with each other while trying to avoid the initial accident. The driver of the Honda was killed in the collision. A witness told police that driver of the Range Rover was pregnant. Based on this statement, the woman was taken to a local hospital for observation. No other injuries were reported.

Danger of North Carolina roads demonstrated by head-on collision

North Carolina has many winding and hilly roads that can be very scenic but also very dangerous. Many driveways and smaller roads enter these highways without any traffic signals or other warning. People who live in the vicinity of dangerous spots, such as blind curves or steep hills, are often familiar with the hazards, but people who rarely travel these routes are not. A recent head-on collision near Gastonia demonstrates the kinds of cataclysmic automobile accidents that result from such roads.

Recently, two cars were headed in opposite directions on Union Road near Dawnwood Drive in Gastonia. Without an obvious cause, the two cars collided head-on. Two people were airlifted to a nearby hospital, and three were taken to a nearby hospital in ambulances. None of the medical conditions of the injured were released by police who responded to the accident.

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