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Alcohol suspected as cause of fatal motor vehicle accident

The exact cause of a motor vehicle accident can be difficult to prove, especially when one of the drivers is killed in the collision. Witness accounts can then become an especially valuable source of evidence. A recent three-vehicle collision in west Charlotte shows how police often turn to witnesses' accounts to establish the cause of an accident.

Shortly before 9 a.m., on May 2, drivers on Freedom Drive and Lundy Lane noticed a Chevrolet Venture speeding down Freedom Drive. According to police reports of events related by witnesses, the vehicle also made frequent lane changes and crossed into the opposite lane several times. Witnesses said that the Chevrolet crossed the yellow lane dividing line shortly before it reached the Lundy Lane intersection. The Chevrolet was struck head-on by a Ford Econoline heading in the opposite direction. A Ford Taurus was unable to avoid the disabled vehicles and crashed into the Venture.

The most dangerous intersections in Raleigh, NC

Most people worry about car accidents when they are on the freeway. However, you face just as much of a risk of a car crash when you travel through a standard intersection anywhere throughout North Carolina. 

Raleigh, as one of the largest cities in the state, is particularly prone to these types of collisions. Certain intersections can become incredibly busy, especially during rush hour. You need to be aware of the most dangerous intersections in this city, according to data collected in 2015. 

Civil and criminal liability may follow a drunk driving accident

Drunk drivers are a menace to everyone on North Carolina roads. It is an unfortunate truth that many Charlotte residents will personally be affected by the damaging harm that drunk drivers can inflict on their victims. Drunk driving is a crime, but criminal sanctions do little to make the victims who are directly impacted by drunk driving accidents whole again.

When a person is under the influence of alcohol and causes a crash with another vehicle, the drunk driver may be arrested for a slew of drunk driving crimes. Those crimes are prosecuted by a lawyer for the community who has an interest in protecting the public good from the dangers that drunk driving presents.

What evidence may be useful in motor vehicle accident claims?

Getting enough compensation after a motor vehicle accident can be important to the recovery of a car crash victim. If a victim does not have the financial resources they need to get proper medical care and rehabilitation, they may be forced to live with the injuries from their accident for the rest of their lives. Therefore, when it comes to pursuing compensation in a motor vehicle accident case, victims in North Carolina can benefit from having the best possible evidence to prove liability.

Evidence from street cameras and police reports can be very useful to victims who wish to recover their damages through an insurance claim. Law enforcement officials often prepare detailed assessments of how accidents happened and the factors that contributed to the causation of the crashes. Those reports and any supporting video evidence may clearly demonstrate that the responsible party in an automobile accident case was at fault.

Rest is a requirement for truck drivers in North Carolina

Everyone knows that driving while distracted or drunk is dangerous. Items like cellphones or the effects of intoxication can significantly alter the attention and focus that drivers give to the roads they are traveling on. In North Carolina drivers can be penalized for engaging in these and other dangerous driving practices.

Drowsy driving, however, is also a danger. Many people, though, still do it regularly. During early morning commutes or long road trips, Charlotte drivers may push the boundaries of their wakefulness to get to where they want to go.

Can slip and fall victims in Charlotte sue for their damages?

A slip and fall accident can be a serious event and may result in significant injuries and losses incurred by a victim. North Carolina residents who suffer these debilitating incidents may be able to pursue their rights and seek the recovery of their damages from the parties who caused them harm. Claims arising from slip and fall accidents can be based on premises liability theories of law.

Premises liability law covers the realm of legal rights and responsibilities that property owners have with regard to the individuals who may come onto their land. Whether a slip and fall victim was invited onto the landowner's property, or whether they entered without permission, may impact their ability to sue for the recovery of what they lost.

A third of American teenagers say they text and drive

It may take only a fraction of a second to send or receive a text message, but that fraction of a second can lead to lifelong consequences if the person sending it is also driving a car. Regrettably, texting and driving continues to be a common behavior among teenagers, even though the repercussions associated with doing so are widely known among drivers across all age groups.

Just how often are today’s teens texting and driving, and is there anything that can help deter this type of behavior?

A single drink can lead to a drunk driving accident

Readers of this North Carolina legal blog may enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail from time to time, but most may not understand just how quickly and pervasively their favorite alcoholic drinks impact their bodily functions. According to the online medical database, WebMd, alcohol goes to a person's brain within the first minute of consumption. That means from a person's very first drink they may experience dulled reflexes, balance problems and other issues with their judgment and coordination.

As alcohol permeates a person's body it may continue to impact the way the individual interacts with the world. It may make it more difficult for them to focus on multiple tasks at once, and it may increase their sensation of sleepiness. Drivers who cannot focus and who are tired are major threats to everyone around them.

Seeking compensation after a distracted driving accident

When a driver in Charlotte is stopped in traffic or waiting at a light, they may be compelled to reach for their smartphone. In a matter of moments, they can be connected to the Internet and checking in on their favorite social media sites, responding to work emails or engaging in any number of tasks that are more enjoyable than waiting for their turn on the road. The use of one's smartphone in such a context may not seem that dangerous, but when individuals use their handheld devices while driving, serious accidents can occur.

It is for this reason that many jurisdictions throughout the United States have banned cellphone use for drivers. Engaging in online activity while driving is a distraction, and distracted driving is dangerous. Driving distractions can take on many forms, but in recent years the use of electronic devices has contributed to too many devastating collisions.

How can a truck's cargo cause a dangerous trucking accident?

North Carolina drivers see them practically every time they merge onto the state's highways. Massive semis, oil tankers and other immense vehicles carry a multitude of goods across North Carolina and to locations far and wide. Without them, many of the products that individuals buy would be unavailable at their local retail outlets and it would take longer for people to receive the items that they both want and need.

Trucking companies have made a science out of how they pack and load large trucks so that they can maximize the amount of cargo stored in the trucks' compartments. However, they must also consider a factor unrelated to load maximization: safety. A poorly loaded truck can quickly become a danger when it is out on the road.

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