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The serious effects of alcohol on the human body

Social drinking with friends and family can be a common event for North Carolina residents. But, any amount of alcohol in a person's body can cause significant side effects. For example, an alcoholic drink can have a fast impact on the person's mood and behavior. It may exacerbate a bad mood and cause aggressive behavior, or it may strengthen a good mood and cause a person to ignore risks and possible dangers.

Alcohol can impact a person's coordination and ability to move as well. It can slow a person's reflexes and response time, damage the central nervous system of the body and cause numbness in the person's appendages.

Liability when kids are victims of pedestrian accidents

Keeping children safe is the highest priority of any parent. There are, however, certain situations that can be disastrous such as car accidents involving pedestrian kids. In these types of accidents, it's crucial that the party responsible be held liable for any damage done.

For example, many Charlotte drivers may be familiar with the reduced speed limits that exist near schools, community centers, and other places where children frequent. To some, it may seem odd that on an otherwise moderate-speed road that the limit drops significantly once a school comes into view. The reduced speed limits in these areas are intended to put drivers on notice that children may be present and to give them time to take in their surroundings to avoid collisions with youths.

What is the best thing we can give our children as they are learning to drive? Experience!

What is the best thing we can give our children as they are learning to drive?  Experience!  Teens are 12 times more likely to get in an accident in the 1st month of driving than after a year of experience and motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among 15-20 year olds.  How do we help our children get this needed experience?  Teen Driver Training!

Driving distractions cause accidents and serious injuries

When it comes to driving, cell phone use has gotten a lot of press regarding how it can distract drivers and cause them to create dangers on North Carolina roads. Individuals who choose to text and drive, dial calls while driving, respond to emails while driving or do any number of other activities with their handheld devices may all possibly cause collisions with other vehicles due to their failure to keep their eyes on the roads.

However, driving distractions are not limited to cell phone or smartphone use in the car. In fact, before phones were capable of folding down and fitting into people's pockets, distracted driving accidents were happening right here in Charlotte and across the rest of the state. A driver can be distracted by practically anything, from the passenger sitting next to them in the car to a meal that they wish to consume while behind the wheel to their own sleepiness.

Traumatic brain injury and car accidents

Traumatic brain injuries present one of the substantial risks of sustaining a car crash. These injuries arise when the brain experiences a traumatic impact; motor vehicle accidents are one of the major causes of TBI nationwide.

While TBI often occurs after a head injury or impact, in the case of a car accident this may not always hold true. Because such a situation often involves a sudden stop while traveling at high speed, the brain can sustain an impact from hitting the interior of the skull. Thus, even those who do not remember hitting their head and have no outer signs of head injury may still suffer from TBI.

Truck drivers are prohibited from texting and driving

Texting and driving is a dangerous practice because it takes a person's attention off of the road and places it on a small screen. In the time it takes a driver to pick up their smartphone and open a text, they may have run a red light, collided with another vehicle and caused themselves and others serious bodily injury.

Drivers of personal vehicles may wonder if North Carolina's texting and driving ban applies to all vehicle operators. For example, some drivers hold different classifications of licenses. In order to drive a large truck or bus, a driver may need to possess a commercial driver's license.

How do auto-pedestrian accidents happen?

An auto-pedestrian accident happens when a driver in North Carolina strikes a person who is traveling on foot with their vehicle. There are numerous ways that these tragic incidents can happen, with some causes resulting from driver negligence and others from pedestrian inattention. When drivers are inattentive or otherwise distracted while operating their motor vehicles, their risk of colliding with pedestrians increases.

Just as distracted drivers hit other cars, trucks and vans, they may also hit people who are in crosswalks, getting into their street-parked cars or even on sidewalks and out of roadways. Anytime that drivers take their eyes off of the road to look at their smartphone, a passenger or other in-vehicle distraction, they elevate their risk of hitting someone or something else in the road.

Wrongful deaths affect families in many different ways

Tragedy strikes in unexpected and painful ways and readers of this North Carolina motor vehicle accident and personal injury blog may know that car collisions are a common cause of lost lives. What makes these catastrophes so heartbreaking is that they are usually caused by preventable mistakes and distractions.

Cellphone use, drunk driving and many other dangerous driving behaviors can all lead to collisions between cars, trucks, sport utility vehicles and commercial automobiles. When accidents happen and victims lose their lives, their family members can be left to recover from the devastation of having to say goodbye to someone they love.

Put smartphones down to prevent accidents and save lives

There is no question that some Charlotte residents are dependent on their smartphones. Through these small handheld devices individuals can perform a wealth of tasks that once required them to use multiple different pieces of technology. They may make standard phone calls to their friends and family members, but they may also use picture calling for more personal experiences. They can send work emails, schedule meetings, make grocery lists, check traffic, get directions and even look up encyclopedic information all with the touch of a screen or the execution of voice controls.

Although having a smartphone can be incredibly handy for a North Carolina resident, it can also become a big distraction. This is especially true when a person is engaged in an important task like driving. Smartphone distractions are dangerous to motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians and others because they take individuals' eyes off of the roads and concentrate their focus on something other than operating their motor vehicles.

The police do not report all vehicle-bicycle accidents

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, there were 818 bicyclist fatalities in our country in 2015. The NHTSA also estimated that there were 45,000 bicyclist injuries that year.

These figures may be too low because law enforcement does not report all bicycle accidents.

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