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3 ways mobile phones can help people involved in crashes

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Most people understand that a mobile phone usage while driving can cause a car crash. Cell phone addiction and challenges caused by distraction are now among the leading causes of preventable wrecks. The average person may struggle to ignore the sound of notifications coming from their devices. Even a phone vibrating in the passenger seat can create cognitive distraction for a driver.

Yet, despite the risks of using one while driving, having a phone in the vehicle (somewhere) can actually be beneficial if someone does end up involved in a motor vehicle collision. There are several ways that a phone can actually help those involved in a car crash handle the situation more effectively.

Seeking help without leaving the scene

There was once a time when people might have to read the scene of a crash either on foot or in their vehicle to find a way to contact emergency services. Doing so might put them at risk of accusations of attempting to flee the scene or failing to comply with North Carolina collision reporting laws. The delay caused by needing to look for a phone could also mean the difference between someone getting help in time and succumbing to their injuries. The ability to call immediately for assistance after a crash can help prove someone’s compliance with the law and also improve the prognosis of anyone injured in the crash.

Documenting key evidence

Some people start recording video as soon as a crash occurs. They use their mobile devices to capture footage of the other driver frantically deleting apps off of their phones or throwing away items that could raise questions about alcohol impairment or drug use. Even when there aren’t any suspicious behaviors on the part of the other driver, the cameras on a mobile phone can help preserve the scene of a crash. Before people move their vehicles, they can capture video and photographs that may help later if they need to recreate the collision to hold someone accountable.

Connecting with the proper support

People can initiate an insurance claim right from a mobile app or insurance company website in some cases. They can send notice to their insurance company about the incident. They may also use their phones to research the other person’s insurance provider or access policy documents.

In some cases, a mobile phone can help people retain the services of a personal injury attorney. When a crash causes significant injuries, either handling the insurance claims process or a civil lawsuit might be too difficult for the person affected to manage without support. Mobile phones make it easier for people to look up and contact lawyers who have professional experience handling claims related to motor vehicle collisions.

Making use of the tools at one’s disposal can help someone better navigate the fallout of a motor vehicle collision and push for the most appropriate outcome given the circumstances.