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Many adults are too tired to drive safely

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

People cause car crashes for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, drivers flagrantly violate traffic laws. They speed or drive after drinking too much. They focus on their phones instead of on traffic. Other times, drivers may behave like they think most other adults do, but their actions could lead to increased collision risk.

Many adults burn the candle at both ends. Between work, family obligations and home maintenance, they may not be able to obtain adequate rest regularly. Many people experience chronic fatigue and may often drive while drowsy. Exhausted motorists put themselves and everyone they encounter at increased risk of a crash.

Many people fall asleep at the wheel

Dozing off at the wheel is perhaps the most unsafe thing a fatigued motorist might do. Especially when driving long distances or driving at night, the feeling of sleepiness could overtake someone traveling at high speeds.

Unfortunately, that exact issue is a common response to fatigue while driving. According to self-reported data, one in 25 drivers have fallen asleep at the wheel at least once in the last 30 days. Some of them may have had multiple such experiences, and plenty of others may have experienced microsleep, where they fall asleep without even realizing it. People who fall asleep while driving lose control of their vehicles and money swerve into oncoming traffic or otherwise cause a crash.

Exhaustion affects skill. Even if a drowsy driver manages to stay awake for the entirety of their drive, they are fatigue affects their capabilities. The longer someone has gone without sleep, the greater the impact they’re fatigue has on their driving.

Fatigued people experience increased reaction times, difficulty making decisions and challenges properly monitoring their surroundings when they have gone too long without sleep. Those involved in crashes caused by fatigue or otherwise irresponsible drivers may have grounds to seek compensation. Filing an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit can help reimburse someone for the expenses caused by a recent car crash of this kind. Those who can readily identify common risk factors may have an easier time establishing why another driver was at fault for a collision.