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SUVs and the risk of rollover crashes

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Sport utility vehicles are famous for their versatility and ability to handle various driving conditions. However, they are also known to be more prone to rollover accidents than other vehicle types. The underlying reasons for this susceptibility can be attributed to specific design and mechanical factors.

One primary factor that makes SUVs more prone to rollover wrecks is their higher center of gravity. Combined with a narrower track width, this design characteristic can lead to instability during sharp turns or sudden maneuvers, increasing the risk of a rollover.

Understanding the design of SUVs

SUVs are designed to handle off-road conditions and often come with higher ground clearance. While beneficial in some scenarios, this higher stance shifts the center of gravity upward, which can cause the vehicle to tip more easily during sharp turns or abrupt changes in direction.

Driving behaviors and conditions

Certain driving behaviors and conditions can exacerbate the risk of rollover in an SUV. Quick steering actions, overcorrecting or taking a turn at high speed might lead to losing control, particularly in an SUV.

Importance of tire maintenance

Proper tire maintenance is also a crucial factor in preventing rollovers. Underinflated or worn tires may fail to provide the necessary traction and stability, especially during sudden maneuvers, contributing to the risk of a rollover accident.

Rollovers in all vehicle types were the cause of 29% of vehicle occupant deaths in 2021. Of those deaths, 38% were in SUVs, while only 21% were in cars. Rollovers can occur in single and multi-vehicle crashes. When a death or injury results from a rollover caused by another person’s negligence, the victims can opt to seek compensation.