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4 common traffic dangers in fall

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Everything around you tells you it’s fall, which means pumpkins on every doorstep, trick-or-treating and seasonal road hazards. 

Next time you’re on the road you may have to be extra careful to avoid an auto accident. Here’s what you should know:

1. Slick leaves and fallen branches

It’s raining a lot more – soon it’ll start snowing – and that means many roads can be quite slick. A pile of wet leaves on the side of the road could cause your car to lose traction. If your car can’t keep traction, it may be harder for your car to stop or even cause drifting, leading to a serious accident.

2. Hidden potholes

Slick roads from rain and leaves aren’t the only dangers to watch for. Potholes can fill up with leaves and water, making them a lot harder to spot. If your car hits a sudden pothole, it could cause you to blow a tire.

3. Early nights

It’s getting darker a lot earlier now that it’s fall. Many drivers have lower visibility at night and that may raise the chances of you getting into an auto accident. 

4. Foggy mornings 

It can almost seem like you’re in a horror movie when you wake up to a foggy morning – and it may if you get into an auto accident. Fog can be especially hazardous for drivers to move through. Drivers can often only see a few feet in front of them in the fog, which may not give them enough time to stop themselves from causing an accident.

If you’re in an auto accident with a driver who lost control of their vehicle due to the road conditions, you may need to know your options when seeking compensation for your injuries and losses.