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3 things that could cause a truck crash

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2022 | Trucking Accidents |

If a truck crashes into you, you might assume the truck driver was not concentrating. It is a possibility, yet it is vital not to jump to conclusions.

Truck crashes can happen for many reasons. Here are some others to consider:

  1. Weather

Which vehicle is likely to blow over first? You in your low-slung sports car or the 18-wheeler next to you that is towing several high-sided trailers? It is the truck because they have a much larger surface area exposed to the wind. Give truck drivers extra space on a windy day where possible, especially on parts of the road you know are subject to strong gusts. They, in turn, need to take extra caution when strong winds are forecast.

  1. Loading issues

Truck trailers are large spaces, and if not packed correctly, the movement of the loose goods could be enough to topple the vehicle. Remember, it may not be the trucker themself who loaded the vehicle. Someone in a rush in a loading bay may have failed to ensure to load was well balanced and secure.

  1. Mechanical issues

Do you know what pressure your tires are running at? Or how much wear your brake pads have left on them? It is easy to assume your car is fine and put off checks you know you should make. In the same way that you rely on a mechanic to service your car,  many truck drivers trust the company they work for to get the necessary maintenance done. If someone has not fulfilled their role, a mechanical failure could lead to the truck veering and crashing into you.

If you know a collision with a truck was not your fault, then you need to focus on finding out whose fault it was. It is not a simple task, so having help to determine fault will be crucial to getting the compensation you need.