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Boy makes national spotlight saving sister from dog attack

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2020 | Personal Injury |

A recent dog bite story has swept the entire nation, with celebrities even chiming in to praise a young boy whose quick thinking may have saved his sister’s life. 

The boy and his sister were at a friend’s house. He is six years old and his sister is four. At the house was a one-year-old dog, a mixed German Shepherd. The dog charged at the two as they stepped into the yard. 

Acting on instinct, the boy stepped in front of his sister and confronted the dog, shielding her with his body. The dog attacked, biting him on the side of the face and holding on. When it finally let go, the children were able to escape. 

The brave boy was badly injured, with a massive gash covering his entire cheek. It took 90 stitches to close it, and the surgery lasted for hours. Though everyone lived, it will take a long time to heal and it’s unclear if full healing without scarring and disfigurement is even possible. Only time will tell. 

The boy was asked why he did what he did. Not only must the attack have been terrifying, but that is the type of bravery most adults don’t even show. Shockingly, the boy indicated that, at the time, he thought the outcome would be even worse than it was. “If someone had to die,” he said, “I thought it should be me.”

Children are often most at risk from dog bites particularly because they are shorter and so bites to the face and neck are very common. The parents of those who get injured need to know what to do to seek compensation. A dog bite injury can have long-lasting consequences, including medical expenses. A lawsuit may be necessary to protect your child’s future.