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Can slip and fall victims in Charlotte sue for their damages?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2019 | Personal Injury |

A slip and fall accident can be a serious event and may result in significant injuries and losses incurred by a victim. North Carolina residents who suffer these debilitating incidents may be able to pursue their rights and seek the recovery of their damages from the parties who caused them harm. Claims arising from slip and fall accidents can be based on premises liability theories of law.

Premises liability law covers the realm of legal rights and responsibilities that property owners have with regard to the individuals who may come onto their land. Whether a slip and fall victim was invited onto the landowner’s property, or whether they entered without permission, may impact their ability to sue for the recovery of what they lost.

Property owners are generally tasked with maintaining their land and property is a safe manner and taking care of known defects so that their guests and invitees are not harmed by them. However, they may not always be responsible for fixing dangers on land that they expressly prohibit others from entering, so depending on the circumstances trespassers may not have the option to sue when they are hurt on the land where they illegally enter.

Building a legal case based on a slip and fall accident requires a victim to identify facts and events that support their claim and the elements they must prove to prevail. They can always choose to work with a personal injury attorney as they pursue their losses. Legal claims based on premises liability theories of law can be complex and victims can benefit from having legal support as they advance their actions.