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How can a truck’s cargo cause a dangerous trucking accident?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Trucking Accidents |

North Carolina drivers see them practically every time they merge onto the state’s highways. Massive semis, oil tankers and other immense vehicles carry a multitude of goods across North Carolina and to locations far and wide. Without them, many of the products that individuals buy would be unavailable at their local retail outlets and it would take longer for people to receive the items that they both want and need.

Trucking companies have made a science out of how they pack and load large trucks so that they can maximize the amount of cargo stored in the trucks’ compartments. However, they must also consider a factor unrelated to load maximization: safety. A poorly loaded truck can quickly become a danger when it is out on the road.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has established strict guidelines for how trucks should be loaded and how their cargo should be secured. Trucks should not be packed in ways that may cause them to become unbalanced, as a heavy unbalanced truck may not be able to stay under control on turns or at high speeds. Trucks that haul cargo that may shift must use devices to secure it from sliding or slipping and must also ensure that their trucks are able to withstand the forces of carrying large loads.

A truck that causes a trucking accident should be assessed to determine if it was properly packed and loaded and if its cargo was properly secured. The failure of a trucking company to take these important precautions can lead to innocent victims suffering serious injuries. Those victims may want to determine if they have the right to sue for the recovery of their damages.