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Driving distractions cause accidents and serious injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2018 | Distracted Driving Accidents |

When it comes to driving, cell phone use has gotten a lot of press regarding how it can distract drivers and cause them to create dangers on North Carolina roads. Individuals who choose to text and drive, dial calls while driving, respond to emails while driving or do any number of other activities with their handheld devices may all possibly cause collisions with other vehicles due to their failure to keep their eyes on the roads.

However, driving distractions are not limited to cell phone or smartphone use in the car. In fact, before phones were capable of folding down and fitting into people’s pockets, distracted driving accidents were happening right here in Charlotte and across the rest of the state. A driver can be distracted by practically anything, from the passenger sitting next to them in the car to a meal that they wish to consume while behind the wheel to their own sleepiness.

When a distraction pulls a driver’s attention away from the road, that driver may be in violation of their duty to exercise care around those with whom they share streets and highways. If they cause an accident and a victim suffers personal injuries or other losses, then the distracted driver may be held liable for the losses their actions created.

When a distracted driver puts people in the path of harm, our law firm is prepared to offer zealous representation to the victims so that they may recover the damages they need to move forward.