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Wrongful deaths affect families in many different ways

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Tragedy strikes in unexpected and painful ways and readers of this North Carolina motor vehicle accident and personal injury blog may know that car collisions are a common cause of lost lives. What makes these catastrophes so heartbreaking is that they are usually caused by preventable mistakes and distractions.

Cellphone use, drunk driving and many other dangerous driving behaviors can all lead to collisions between cars, trucks, sport utility vehicles and commercial automobiles. When accidents happen and victims lose their lives, their family members can be left to recover from the devastation of having to say goodbye to someone they love.

The emotional harm that they may suffer is great, but the financial hardships that they may need to work through can be significant after a death as well. Depending upon many factors, a decedent may have supported their family and, without them, their dependents may not have the financial help they need.

It is after these extreme tragedies that wrongful death lawsuits may become applicable. A wrongful death lawsuit is based on a death that occurs due to another party’s negligence or recklessness. It does not compensate the actual victim, but gives their surviving relatives a means to pursue their losses from the party or parties who caused the death. There are a number of requirements that lawsuits of this nature must meet and, before starting such a claim, individuals may want to get more information about their own unique circumstances. Doing so can put families one step closer to recovery.