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Motor vehicle accidents that result in rollovers are complex and require the help of an experienced attorney. At The Downer Law Firm, P.A., we will spend the time necessary with you to find out what happened and how the accident has impacted you and your family.

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The sheer loss of control when an SUV starts to roll over is terrifying. Add to that the serious injuries you suffer, whether you were the driver or the passenger. Head, back and neck injuries can be more severe. Cuts, broken or crushed bones, and internal injuries are many times catastrophic and fatal in rollover crashes.

At The Downer Law Firm, P.A., we handle all the legal aspects of your rollover accident claim while you recover. We have your best interests in mind, not insurance adjusters who immediately call you. They want to get information from you and force you to take a quick settlement. Fast resolution of a rollover case ignores the complexities, including the need for accident reconstruction to determine the cause.

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