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Charlotte Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers Seeking Compensation And Justice

When negligence on the road takes the form of drunk driving, you could suffer serious injuries or experience the loss of a family member. At The Downer Law Firm, P.A., we fight to hold the responsible party accountable for a decision that has forever changed your life. You are entitled to both compensation and justice. Our job is to secure that for you with dedication and aggression.

When you come to our office following a drunk driving accident, we will show you the respect and appreciation you need. From there, we will pursue a claim to maximize your compensation. Contact us at 704-348-6700.

North Carolina DUI Injuries Attorneys Fighting For Your Rights

Far too much is at stake to put your case in the hands of a law firm that treats you like a case number. When you come to our office, you meet with an attorney face-to-face, not a paralegal or support staff member.

The criminal proceeding against the drunk driver who collided with your car will not delay, nor will it prevent us from pursuing a claim on your behalf. At The Downer Law Firm, P.A., we handle all aspects of your case while you attend to recovery. We conduct a detailed, fact-based investigation while you attend doctor appointments and therapy sessions.

Our aggressive approach in maximizing compensation for you means that we do not shy away from the courtroom. If a personal injury lawsuit provides the best outcome for you, we will not hesitate to litigate your claim.

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