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Advocating For Bicycle Accident Victims

People on bicycles have virtually no protection against the impact of a larger, heavier vehicle. When a car, truck or another type of vehicle collides with a bicycle, the results are often devastating for the cyclist. The aftermath of these incidents are often grave, but our experienced personal injury team can help.

We have decades of experience representing the interests of accident victims, including people who were seriously injured in bicycle accidents. If you are the victim of the reckless or negligent actions of another driver, the attorneys at The Downer Law Firm, P.A., are on your side. You do not have to suffer alone, but we will help you fight for the recovery you deserve.

The Devastating Impact Of A Collision

Bicycle accidents are often catastrophic. Even with helmets and other types of protective equipment, a person on a bike will likely bear the full brunt of an impact with another vehicle. Our team fights for people who have suffered injuries, such as:

  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries and brain trauma
  • Severe bruising and skin lacerations
  • Emotional trauma

We believe that bicycle accident victims deserve full compensation for all of their immediate injuries and financial losses as well as future needs they may have as they recover. Sadly, children are often the victims of bicycle accidents. If your child was hurt by a careless driver, our lawyers can help. Serious injuries and trauma may affect his or her life long term, but we will fight to secure rightful compensation so your child’s needs can be met both today and in the future.

Your Hometown Legal Team Is Ready To Help You

We understand that an accident is frightening and overwhelming. We are your Hometown Legal Team, representing the interests of accident victims in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina since 1977. You can benefit from our 150 years of combined experience by scheduling a free initial case evaluation of your case.

You can email or call 704-348-6700 for your appointment. We are confident we can help you after your bicycle accident, which is why you will only pay our fees if we win your case.