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How often do motorcyclists suffer blunt force abdominal trauma in crashes?

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Blunt force trauma is a common type of injury that motorcyclists suffer in crashes. A study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health in 2016 captured how upwards of 17% of motorcyclists’ emergency room (ER) visits are for blunt abdominal trauma. The researchers pointed out that there’s a high risk for potentially fatal hemorrhaging that may result from this type of injury. 

The researchers observed that 5.4% of patients who reported to the ER during their observation period suffered injured spleens. Another 4% of them had hepatic or liver ones. The researchers point out motor vehicle operators must commonly concern themselves with blunt hepatic or splenic injuries (BHSI). They note that motorists tend to suffer either head or extremity injuries in around 50% of all accident cases, a number that’s significantly higher than the 6% BHSI rate. 

The researchers emphasize that it’s vital that individuals don’t downplay motorcyclists’ BHSIs risks. They noted that modern motor vehicles’ sheer power has contributed to a higher BHSI incident rate. They also pointed out how the leading cause of death among motorists who injure their spleens or livers is trauma. The second is hemorrhaging. 

They also highlighted how the incidence rate of BHSIs is highest among passenger car operators in most areas; however, it’s higher for motorcyclists in areas where there are more motorbikes than automobiles. The researchers associated the high rates of BHSI with high driving speeds and a lack of outer protection that a car generally provides. 

There are many aspects of motorcycles that make them dangerous to operate. A motorcyclist’s lack of experience can make riding a motorbike even more life-threatening. The introduction of car drivers and truckers into the mix can make Charlotte roadways even more treacherous for motorcyclists. An attorney can advise you how North Carolina law may allow you to recover compensation for any injuries you suffered at another negligent motorist’s hands.