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Drunk driver causes crash that claims two lives in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2019 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

North Carolina can be a fun place to live and visit. The state offers individuals a vast array of natural and entertainment-based attractions, and numerous out-of-state visitors come to North Carolina each year to experience the fun and enjoyment that the cities and towns of the state have to offer. However, some individuals in North Carolina take their love of fun too far. When they do, they can put others in harm’s way and at risk of serious injury or death.

Not long ago a North Carolina man was arrested for allegedly causing a serious motor vehicle accident. The man was reportedly drunk when he sped down a road in Surf City and collided with a car that was traveling in the same direction. The force of the impact caused the second vehicle to run off the road, roll over and catch fire. Two individuals in that vehicle lost their lives.

The responsible driver was also taken to the hospital with serious injuries, and it was determined that he had been drinking prior to the incident. He will face a range of criminal charges for his alleged conduct.

Drunk driving is a dangerous practice and can affect anyone. While it is normal for individuals in North Carolina to have fun, cut lose and enjoy themselves, it must be done responsibly. This dangerous driver’s actions claimed two innocent lives and likely altered the course of the lives of those who loved them. Families that have experienced the devastation of drunk driving accidents may want to determine if they can bring a legal claim against the responsible parties.