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Are You A Crime Victim Because Of Negligent Security?

An attack on your safety can come out of nowhere. In that moment, your sense of trust and well-being can vanish, leaving you with emotional as well as physical injuries. An assault, robbery or another violent crime that takes place in your apartment building, a shopping mall or the hotel where you are staying may have been preventable if the property owner had taken proper security precautions.

The lawyers at The Downer Law Firm, P.A., know that a North Carolina property owner who is remiss in providing adequate security carries some blame for the pain and suffering you endured. We have decades of experience assisting assault victims in seeking justice through negligent security personal injury claims.

Did The Property Owner Take Reasonable Steps To Protect You?

Proving negligence in such cases often requires experience. It requires demonstrating that the property owner had reason to anticipate that such a crime might occur based on the level of crime in the area or a recent history of similar incidents on or near the property. While there is no law outlining the exact precautions a property owner must take to prevent a violent crime, some examples of reasonable security measures may include:

  • Adequate lighting, including ensuring bulbs are replaced in a timely manner
  • Strong, suitable locks for all doors and windows
  • A working alarm system
  • Functional security cameras in parking lots, at entrances and in unsupervised areas
  • Fencing or gates to keep predators out
  • Security guards where appropriate

Apartment owners may be liable if they fail to properly vet other tenants. Owners of hotels and motels may have neglected to provide adequate safety training for members of their staff.

Consult With Your Hometown Legal Team

The attorneys at our law firm are part of your community. We take the safety and security of our neighbors seriously, and we are ready to advocate for you if a property owner failed in his or her duty to keep you safe. We also understand the pain of losing a loved one to an accident or violent crime, and we have the experience and determination to pursue a wrongful death claim if inadequate security or maintenance contributed to your loved one’s death.

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