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A rear-end collision caused by a negligent driver is more than frustrating. The injuries you suffer are serious and go far beyond soft tissue damage or whiplash. At The Downer Law Firm, P.A., we show our clients respect for the damages they suffered following a rear-end collision. We bring experience and knowledge to secure the compensation you deserve.

Texting and tailgating are only the start of negligence resulting in rear-end collisions. If you have suffered injuries due to a dangerous or distracted driver, take action and contact us at 704-348-6700 .

North Carolina Whiplash Injury Compensation Attorneys At Your Side

Drivers that rear-end the cars in front of them are generally at fault and should be held accountable. Yet, their insurance adjusters contact the accident victims, hoping to gain information and offering a quick settlement that minimizes the impact of the accident.

At The Downer Law Firm, P.A., we fight to maximize compensation for you whether you suffered a neck injury, dislocated shoulder or rotator cuff tears. We fight for your rights if you were injured from an air bag deploying or experienced knee damage from being forced into your dash.

Simply put, your attorney will focus on the legal aspects of building your claim while you attend to your medical needs.

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