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3 ways to help with your car accident case

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

After a car accident, there is much at stake for those suffering injuries. Without sufficient compensation, their recovery may be fraught with economic hardships.

Most people naturally want to help with their cases as much as they can. While there is little you can do on the legal end, there are a few ways to help your legal counsel. They may seem like small things, but they will improve the strength of your claim.

Follow your doctor’s orders

Perhaps you distrust the medical industry or prefer a nature-based approach to healing. Regardless, always obey the orders your doctor provides. 

Any deviation from prescribed treatment plans can put your injury compensation in jeopardy. Remember, the other side is always seeking a reason to deny accident claims.

Avoid using social media

As previously stated, insurance companies or at-fault drivers want to invalidate your claim. They may scour your social media accounts for evidence (photos, videos, etc.) that you are not as injured as you say. 

It is best to stay away from social media entirely until your case concludes to avoid accidentally damaging your accident claim.

  • Gather documentation and evidence
  • One of the most overlooked ways to help your representative is to find and submit the required documents and evidence on time. 
  • For example, collect the following documents and anything else requested, and give them to your counsel as soon as possible.
  • Insurance policy documents
  • Proof of your monthly earnings
  • Reports from your medical care providers
  • Receipts for travel or other injury-related expenses

If you possess evidence, such as witness statements and photos or videos of the crash scene, submit them early for use in your claim. It is also helpful to refresh your understanding of North Carolina car accident compensation rules.