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How social media may affect your personal injury claim

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Social media allows you to stay connected to family and friends who live nearby. Unfortunately, these platforms may become a liability if you use them after being involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA).

If you aren’t careful, what you post on social media may hurt your ability to recover compensation and cost you money. Here, you can learn more about the dangers of social media and how it may negatively impact your personal injury claim.

Potential dangers of social media related to your personal injury claim

If you post anything about your accident on social media, it may impact your ability to receive a fair settlement. One reason is that insurance adjusters use social media to investigate claims against their policyholders. If evidence is found that your injury is not as severe as you claim, they could use the information to reduce its value or deny it completely.

After an accident, some best practices for using social media include:

  • Avoid posting anything about the accident or injuries. Even if you have your account set to private, there’s a possibility that someone can see and share your posts.
  • Avoid following anyone involved in your case on social media. This includes the person you were in an accident with, their lawyer or insurance company. After connecting with someone via social media, they can access the information you may want to keep private.
  • Avoid using social media altogether. If possible, stay off social media until your case is settled. Also, request that friends and family not tag you in posts during this time.

Social media and your personal injury case

While social media is a great way to remain connected, you must be careful when posting after an accident. Knowing your legal rights and options will help you avoid jeopardizing your case.