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What does your advocate need for your truck accident case?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Trucking Accidents |

When you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a truck accident, your top priority is probably injury recovery. You know that filing a truck accident claim allows you to acquire financial compensation to address your physical harm and economic hardships.

However, you might not realize that success is not automatic with an accident claim. Trucking companies are protected in several ways, including high-priced insurance policies and a team of legal professionals. In situations like this, you and your legal advocate need details about the crash and the trucking company to increase your odds of success.

Examples of trucker and trucking company information

Begin by gathering information about the truck driver and the trucking company:

  • Company name
  • Trucker’s name
  • Truck license plate number
  • Driver’s commercial driving license number

Background research into the trucking company and the truck driver can also strengthen your claim. The more details you collect, the better your claim will likely proceed.

Examples of crash information

Your advocate will appreciate all details you have about the truck accident. Again, the more particulars you can provide about the crash, the more it improves your claim.

  • How it happened
  • Police report to support your side
  • Photos and videos of the crash (when possible)
  • Photos and videos of the crash scene
  • Weather conditions
  • Witness statements

You should also provide your legal advocate with reports from your healthcare providers. Similarly, fill your counsel in on how your crash injuries have affected your life. For example, if you missed substantial work or lost your job because of your truck accident injuries, report this to your advocate.

Learning more about North Carolina accident and injury compensation laws can also help you succeed with your claim.