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3 losses a wrongful death claim can help you cover

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Personal Injury |

When a loved one dies, it can be emotionally devastating, especially if there was no time to prepare. An unexpected loss can also cause financial devastation.

Wrongful death situations in North Carolina involve someone dying because of the negligence or illegal behavior of another party. Those impacted by the tragedy can bring a civil lawsuit against a person or a business that they believe directly contributed to their loved one’s death.

What kinds of compensation can you seek when you file a wrongful death lawsuit under North Carolina law?

Medical and funeral expenses

Wrongful death claims in North Carolina allow family members to recover the costs incurred to treat their loved ones prior to their death and to inter them afterward. Those expenses might add up to tens of thousands of dollars, which your family should not have to absorb.

Lost future income

Your loved one would likely have continued to contribute to your family’s household income for decades to come. You can claim not just the value of their current wages, but the likely raises they would have received and also the value of their employment benefits.

The value of their services

Family members don’t just work outside the home. They provide practical support for the entire household. Whether your loved one always changed the oil in everyone’s cars or cooked dinner every night, you can put a price on the services they provided and add that to your claim.

Seeking compensation for your recent loss with a wrongful death lawsuit can provide you with financial support and also a sense of justice because you could hold someone accountable for the tragedy they caused.