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Parking lots can be as dangerous as the roads 

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When considering road traffic accidents, high-speed crashes on busy roadways may immediately come to mind. However, accidents can occur in a variety of forms, some more surprising than others – like parking lots.

Parking lots can be a hazardous place for those who make use of them. Frequently, individuals become so fixated on getting that space they have zoned in on that they forget about everything else. The reality is that one in five accidents occur in parking lots, with many of these collisions resulting in severe injuries and even fatalities. 

Drivers can become complacent in parking lots

Many drivers form the opinion that once they have reached the parking lot, there is no need for hazard awareness. In fact, some road users see being in a parking lot as the perfect opportunity to make a quick call or send emails and text messages. Due to the slower speed of vehicles in such areas, there is a common misconception that serious accidents cannot occur. Nonetheless, accidents do occur in parking lots and collisions at lower speeds can still cause catastrophic injuries. 

Pedestrians are always in danger in parking lots

Not only are parking lots a hazardous place for vehicles, but pedestrians can also be endangered. Simply put, pedestrians are more difficult to see than other vehicles. Many drivers opt to reverse in and out of spaces, which places those on foot in danger of entering a vehicle’s blind spots. The risks are particularly prominent for young children due to their stature and naivety in terms of traffic awareness. Sadly, a significant proportion of people injured in crashes involving pedestrians in car lots are children under 10 years of age.

Parking lots can be dangerous for anyone in the vicinity and this is important to realize. If you have been injured in a collision, then there may be legal options available to you that can help you recover your losses.