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3 necessary steps to protect yourself after a slip-and-fall

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2021 | Personal Injury |

One of the myths about slip-and-fall injuries is that they automatically lead to compensation for the person who gets hurt. A surprising number of people just assume that they will not have to worry about paying their medical bills or covering the property damage expenses they incur because they fall while visiting a public location. 

In order to secure compensation, you will either need to bring a successful premises liability insurance claim against the company’s policy or a personal injury claim against the business itself in civil court. How can you improve your chances of making a successful claim? 

Document the scene of the fall (if you can)

Ideally, your phone won’t suffer damage when you slip and fall so that you can use it to take some photos (or possibly a video) of the situation at the time of your fall. You need to show negligence played a role in your injury. Without some kind of record, it will be your word against the company’s word about whether there was a puddle on the floor or an unsecured electrical cord in the middle of a pathway. 

Report the incidents before you leave

If you are conscious and able to do so, you should prioritize reporting the fact that you fell to management before you leave the facility. That way, they will make an internal incident report confirming what happened. That report may play a crucial role in your future insurance claim or lawsuit. 

Go see a doctor if you have injuries

Waiting to see if the bump on your head will progress into more serious symptoms is not the right approach. The longer you delay your diagnosis, the harder it will be for you to definitively show that your injuries stemmed from the fall. Seeing a doctor right away improves your chances of success and also helps increase your chances of a full recovery. 

Taking the right steps when you slip and fall in a public location will make it easier for you to get compensation for the losses you suffer.