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3 ways your mobile phone can help you right after a crash

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A car crash might wreck your vehicle and leave you with injuries. It could also damage items inside your car, like your phone. If your phone isn’t broken and you can still use it, it might be one of the most important tools for you to have available in the immediate aftermath of the collision.

The possible ways for your phone to help you depend on how you use the phone and the kind of apps you have installed. However, there are important uses of a phone after a car crash that can help almost anyone.

Start a video when you exit your vehicle

Most people stop after a crash to exchange information with the other driver, but some people will try to get away before you can identify them. Especially if the other driver doesn’t have a valid license or insurance on their car, they might try to flee the scene when you approach their vehicle.

If you begin recording with your phone right away, you may be able to catch enough information for the police to track them down, even if they try to avoid their responsibilities by illegally leaving the scene.

Contact first responders and anyone expecting you

Unless there is literally no property damage and no injuries to anyone, you have to report the crash to the police. Calling a non-emergency line is usually sufficient, although calling for emergency services may be necessary if someone has serious injuries or if people can’t get out of one of the vehicles.

You can also take the time necessary to call your boss, spouse or anyone else expecting you to let them know about the delay.

Document the scene of the wreck before anything changes

Other vehicles passing by could knock debris around and alter the appearance of the crash. You and the other driver might even move your vehicles because you don’t want to cause another crash or block slow traffic.

Before anything moves, getting out and walking around the entire scene of the collision, capturing the surrounding area, the state of both vehicles and their placement, will make it easier for insurance professionals or police officers to reconstruct the accident and determine what actually happened. Those photographs or videos could eventually help you receive the compensation you deserve and make it easier for you to file an insurance claim against the other driver.

Knowing how to use your phone as a tool after a crash could protect you financially and legally, especially if the other party tries to blame you instead of owning up to their own mistakes.