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3 reasons summer road trips are dangerous

On Behalf of | May 24, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Many individuals take off on road trips during the summer. While many of these trips may be short day ones, others are much longer. 

No matter how long the trip is, there are some common dangers motorists face during the summer that just aren’t as prevalent at other times of the year. You should familiarize yourself with these many hazards to enhance your chances of staying safe this summer. Three, in particular, come to mind:

1. Increases in traffic

Two of the east coast’s major interstates, including I-85 and I-77, run through Charlotte. It’s likely that many people traveling to the many beaches that extend up and down the coastline will be on the roadways this summer. Students out of school will be out on the roads traveling to friends’ homes and events. You may also find significantly more bicyclists or pedestrians walking alongside the road for exercise in the warm temperatures. All of these factors can add congestion and leave someone vulnerable to accidents.

2. Tire integrity issues

Variations in temperatures can have a significant impact on your tire’s ability to remain inflated. Increases in temperatures can cause your tires to burst. You might find yourself unexpectedly involved in a crash if your tires give out while you’re in traffic or the opposite happens to another motorist. You may find yourself with little time to react if this happens.

3. Construction and detours

Charlotte is a major business hub. Transportation officials seem to always be working on making improvements to roadways to try to make the area more easily navigable. Likely, things will only step up this summer since temperatures will be consistently warm and infrastructure work gears up. Construction debris and motorists driving recklessly are two factors that motorists will need to account for to avoid crashes during this time of the year.

Your right to compensation if injuries occur

Some of the most catastrophic accidents tend to occur in the summers when many inexperienced teen motorists are on the roads. Crashes also happen because motorists find themselves distracted by the traffic, individuals in their car or their phones. North Carolina law does allow you to hold a motorist liable for their negligence. An attorney can help you file a claim to recover compensation for your losses.