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How can you get hurt during a slip-and-fall incident?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Movies and other forms of entertainment can make a slip-and-fall accident seem like a joke. For many people, it may be possible to get up, brush themselves off and move on with their day after they slip and fall unexpectedly in a business.

However, for others, such an incident could result in severe and even permanent injury. There are multiple ways in which someone can hurt themselves during a slip and fall, and each of them presents unique risks.

People often hurt themselves by bracing for impact

When you start to lose your balance, it is a natural reflex to reach out and try to stop yourself from falling. Doing so can actually cause injuries, especially in older adults and those with low bone density. The arm you use to try to stop your fall may wind up with a serious fracture, especially if the fall was particularly abrupt.

People hurt themselves as they flail during the fall

The instinct to brace yourself or catch something to stop yourself from falling often results in people moving their arms and even their legs uncontrollably during their descent. They may strike their limbs on nearby furniture, fixtures or equipment, potentially resulting in injuries such as broken bones, cuts or deep bruising.

People hurt themselves when they hit the floor

The final and most obvious way in which someone can suffer an injury during a slip-and-fall incident is by hitting the floor itself. Often, it is that final impact that will cause the worst injuries someone suffers in a slip-and-fall incident. People can even strike their head, potentially resulting in traumatic brain injuries that could have permanent consequences.

If you got hurt via any of these means during a slip and fall, the company where you fell may be liable for your injuries and other damages due to the incident.