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A single drink can lead to a drunk driving accident

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2019 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

Readers of this North Carolina legal blog may enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail from time to time, but most may not understand just how quickly and pervasively their favorite alcoholic drinks impact their bodily functions. According to the online medical database, WebMd, alcohol goes to a person’s brain within the first minute of consumption. That means from a person’s very first drink they may experience dulled reflexes, balance problems and other issues with their judgment and coordination.

As alcohol permeates a person’s body it may continue to impact the way the individual interacts with the world. It may make it more difficult for them to focus on multiple tasks at once, and it may increase their sensation of sleepiness. Drivers who cannot focus and who are tired are major threats to everyone around them.

As readers can see, a single drink may therefore begin to impact how a driver operates their vehicle. Someone who has only one drink may not have the attention or capacity to safely drive a car, even if their blood alcohol concentration is at or below the legal limit in the state. A driver who is impaired is a threat to others and unfortunately too many impaired drivers subject others to harm when they cause dangerous drunk driving accidents.

A victim who suffers losses in an alcohol-related crash can often sue for the recovery of their damages. Drivers who drink before using their vehicles are negligent and reckless in their actions and may be held accountable for the harm that they inflict on others. Even one drink can expose them to liability for causing alcohol-related accidents.