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Seeking compensation after a distracted driving accident

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Distracted Driving Accidents |

When a driver in Charlotte is stopped in traffic or waiting at a light, they may be compelled to reach for their smartphone. In a matter of moments, they can be connected to the Internet and checking in on their favorite social media sites, responding to work emails or engaging in any number of tasks that are more enjoyable than waiting for their turn on the road. The use of one’s smartphone in such a context may not seem that dangerous, but when individuals use their handheld devices while driving, serious accidents can occur.

It is for this reason that many jurisdictions throughout the United States have banned cellphone use for drivers. Engaging in online activity while driving is a distraction, and distracted driving is dangerous. Driving distractions can take on many forms, but in recent years the use of electronic devices has contributed to too many devastating collisions.

When a person is hurt in a distracted driving accident they may have a strong case for the recovery of their damages. Many car accident cases are built on the premise of negligence, and a person is considered negligent when they do not act as a reasonable person would in their situation. Driving while distracted is not reasonable and therefore may form the basis of a damages claim.

The attorneys of The Downer Law Firm, P.A., hope that the readers of this post enjoy accident-free driving. They know, though, that the negligent actions of others will put some individuals in harm’s way. Those who become victims of distracted driving accidents are invited to learn more about the firm and the important services it offers to those in need of legal guidance.