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Three-vehicle crash injures 4 in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Many Charlotte residents packed up their cars and drove to the homes of family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving with the people they love. While most encountered heavy traffic and frustrating delays, an unfortunate few were involved in serious motor vehicle accidents on the roads of the state. Over the weekend, several vehicles were involved in a serious crash that left four people hurt.

The accident happened in the early afternoon on NC Highway 49 in Mount Pleasant. A driver traveling in the eastbound lane lost control of their vehicle and began to turn sideways. As the vehicle was losing control, another car attempted to stop to avoid a collision but ended up hitting the sideways car. The second vehicle to become involved in the situation then cross over the center line of the highway and caused a collision with a third vehicle that was traveling in the westbound direction.

In the end, four people in the three involved cars were hurt. Their conditions are not known at this time and additional information on the crash is not available.

As accident investigators piece together the facts of this multivehicle crash they may be able to figure how it happened and why it occurred. As they work through the evidence they may be able to assign liability and fault for the crash to one or more of the involved parties. When they do, the victims of this dangerous collision may begin to weigh their options for seeking compensation for their losses. Personal injury lawsuits may serve their needs and help them get back on their feet as they recover.