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Protect your rights after an injury-causing vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A minor motor vehicle accident can be a major drain on a person’s time and energy. From filing insurance and police reports to having their vehicle assessed for repairs, a North Carolina resident may find that they have to take time off from work, miss family commitments, and reorganize their life just to set their lives back on the right course. These inconveniences, though, are nothing compared to the traumas that accident victims can suffer when they are subjected to extreme physical harm in their crashes.

Serious vehicle accident injuries can include but are not limited to spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, broken bones, organ damage, cuts, abrasions, and other forms of harm. The bodily damage that a victim may suffer may force them to spend weeks in the hospital and months in treatment to recover the full use of their bodies. For some accident victims, complete recoveries are impossible and they are left with life-long impairments to their health.

Paying for the expenses that can accompany a serious motor vehicle accident can be more than a victim can endure all while fighting for their life. Medical bills, repair bills, and countless other costs can add up to insurmountable sums that may leave victims reeling over how they will prevent themselves from slipping into financial ruin due to their involvement in crashes.

The attorneys of The Downer Law Firm, P.A. want vehicle accident victims to know that they do not have to fight alone. The firm is prepared to advocate for new car accident personal injury clients who need support getting back on their feet and recovering the damages they deserve due to the negligent and reckless actions of others.