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Liability when kids are victims of pedestrian accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Keeping children safe is the highest priority of any parent. There are, however, certain situations that can be disastrous such as car accidents involving pedestrian kids. In these types of accidents, it’s crucial that the party responsible be held liable for any damage done.

For example, many Charlotte drivers may be familiar with the reduced speed limits that exist near schools, community centers, and other places where children frequent. To some, it may seem odd that on an otherwise moderate-speed road that the limit drops significantly once a school comes into view. The reduced speed limits in these areas are intended to put drivers on notice that children may be present and to give them time to take in their surroundings to avoid collisions with youths.

As stated, children do not always make good choices about protecting themselves, and if a child leaving school darts out in front of a car that is traveling at a high rate of speed, there may be little the driver can do to avoid a deadly collision. Individuals who drive near where children are present can be held to a higher standard when they are involved in pedestrian crashes.

Drivers should slow down, stay focused, and do what they can to avoid crashes with children who are on foot. The harm a child can suffer from a pedestrian collision can be drastic, and when they are hurt they have rights to compensation for their personal injury losses. Seeking experienced legal guidance can be helpful for people in such situations.